a stitch in time...

I got carted home from work with a killer attack of labyrinthitis this week. So I've been trying to keep my head very still and sleep it off. It comes out of nowhere and it really is the worst thing. I'm going to pop this post up and then I'm crawling back upstairs.

So no surprise my post is about something you can sit on. If I could have posted about duvets I would.

These are the glorious Four Seasons Embroidery Chairs by Johan Lindstèn for Cappellini

Cappellini took center stage in Milan last April, exploring the cross-reference between industrial techniques and new trends of contemporary home furnishings. The brand’s décor theme focused on combining digital art and natural elements.

This included the wonderful “Embroidery Chair” series designed by Johan Lindstèn. The series is characterized by the four seasons, featuring an embroidered tapestry of a landscape depicting a particular time of year.

Embroidery has been a mark of wealth and status in many cultures. From ancient China, the medieval Islamic world to a baroque Europe the 8000-year-old technique was passed from generation to generation. The lounge chair "Embroidery" is an interpretation and statement in the year 2015. Due to modern technology it was possible to carry this traditional aesthetic yet advanced technique right to the present. The embroidery is part of a fusion where art, photography, design and function are equally mixed together creating a beautiful lounge chair.

Hats off to Johan, that boy knows how to make an inviting chair but if you will excuse me, I'm duvet bound... 

Queen Marie