Babes, Bikes & Badass Leather




Girls and motorbikes. I really don't think there is a better combination. I'd give anything to have my own motorbike (A Triumph Bonneville if anyone wants to buy me one) but the wet weather of Glasgow is hardly conducive to biking. However, in a parallel universe I'm riding free and fast but on this plane I live vicariously through gals who are lucky enough to live in climes which are kinder to bikers. I can also live this life vicariously through brands who's aesthetic is very much about leather, bikes and general bad-assness. Brands like Jungle Tribe.

I featured and collaborated with Jungle Tribe way back in 2009 and when the twins Dust and Beau, who own the label, got back in touch to let me know how they were doing, I was thrilled to bits. A lot has happened since then though as the boys have launched a new brand called Dust & Beau that focuses on leather jackets which are all entirely hand embellished by the boys themselves.


When I say hand embellished I mean seriously hand embellished. The work that has gone into these kick ass biker jackets and waistcoats is mind-blowing. Patches, studs and paintings, they feature bands I grew up with such as Dead Kennedys, The Exploited and Misfits. I'd wear every single piece in this collection. The best thing about this venture is that the boys created it entirely for the sake of creating something awesome, regardless of fashion and trends.

We don’t follow fashion trends, make mood boards or illustrations. We don’t try to anticipate what’s going to be popular this season, or think about how people will respond. We work with our hands. A successful night is a long night at the workshop, tearing apart the old and creating the new. The reward is seeing the right person rock the right piece.

My own Jungle Tribe piece, the Blaster Holster bag, gets tons of use to this day. It's the bag I carry whenever I go to a gig, so it's set to come with me to Metallica. It's stood the test of time and many mosh pits! If you prefer jewellery, the boys also have a shop for that too, featuring glorious pieces in turquoise, silver and onyx.