protect and defend...

We all wear jewellery for different reasons

Reasons that can change from day to day.

Some days we simply want to decorate and adorn ourselves. We just want to wear something pretty. Then there are other days when we want the exact opposite. We want armour to shield and deflect the gazes of others.

I have to say I’ve never worn ‘edgy’ jewellery.

Queen Michelle on the other hand, wears pieces that could endanger anyone who comes into contact with her. If it's bad and spiky, she's all over it. She popped into my mind the minute I came across Kaela Hogg.

Although this is much more heavily ornamented the hard edge is still there.

Having grown up with a Thai and Scottish background, Kaela has been exposed to two very contrasting, yet exciting, cultures. She has been inspired to explore the Thai side of her dual heritage; the most unknown to the people that surround her. Kaela draws inspiration from her direct influences such as photography as a visual starting point, which has led her to predominantly be inspired by Thai architecture.

The collection, Sirirag (see-ri-ruk), explores a sense of belonging in her identity culture where she creates movement within her jewellery to represent the transitioning of cultures. Kaela combines traditional techniques alongside modern technologies to help aid her design process in which she uses silver, acrylic and aluminium as the main materials in her work. 

Kaela is currently based at Vanilla Ink Studios at The Maklab in Glasgow.

I seriously wouldn't trust myself with a single thing here, much as I admire them, I would have my own eye out in a heartbeat. 

It’s funny because its true!

Queen Marie