bottoms and brocade...

Sometimes you fall behind and a collection slides right under your radar. 

Under it goes without a ping and then all of a sudden you come across a single image that totally captivates you and has you instantly scrambling onto to see what the hell you missed and to give yourself a swift kick up the arse for doing so at the same time

Case in point the Spring 17 Fendi Collection which showed in Milan in September 2016.

I have to say right up front, I'm not a massive Fendi fan but oh my word what a wonderful, glorious collection this is. Karl and Silvia created a bucolic world of rich metallic brocades, lingerie silks and glitter lips. And the bags, oh my good lord the bags. Like little beaded confections, I never thought I would find myself wanting a fend bag. But I did. I want them all.

Even the models look like little walking handbags with the studs and decorations in their hair and even on their sunglasses.

There are ribbon-tied aprons of heavily embellished brocade fabric over trousers or even just pants ( although I don't suggest that in chilly Scotland) organza blouses with scalloped edges running around the shoulders and sleeves and stripes, lots and lots of stripes. Even on little knitted sock boots which will have a lot of hearts beating faster.

But it was the bags that have captured my imagination. Those rosebuds and those guitar strap handles, heavenly, heavenly, heavenly.

Sitting here with a severe hankering for a Fendi bag, who'd have thunk it?

Queen Marie