the poor boy and the pea...

There's nothing better than a boy in a peacoat.

Simple. Functional. Perfect.

Hard to believe they have been around so long.

Now Poor Boy have decided to give them a bit of a remix

They have taken men's original vintage peacoats from the UK navy of 1962/1968 and reworked them with laser finishings for a more used look and lined them with new colourful screen printed linings in bold vibrant patterns. In addition they have been decorated with vintage inspired embroidered patches and pins to give each of them a unique look.

The peacoats are all reworked in tuscany and every peacoat can be fully customised.

They have a pop up showroom in Paris this week atPARIS PALAIS ROYAL Rue de Richelieu 20 .

Their website will follow soon.

Thank you so much for you kind wishes for my mum. She is home thank goodness, we just need to get her back on her feet now.

Queen Marie