Bold + Fragile





Aesthetically, if responses to most of my outfits are anything to go by, I don't have much in common with anyone. Outfits I'm super excited about sharing, garner the online equivalent of blank stares. It's often the same with collections and labels I love - they rarely excite any of you guys in the same way they excite me. It becomes so much more important to me then that when I do find a designer to rave about it means there's someone out there who does like the same things as me. 

To discover less commercial ideas and styles, which is always how I like to approach dressing, I tend to look to graduates who are

less constrainedby the financial realities of running a business and can focus of purity of ideas and concepts.

One such designer is Fotini Handra who graduated from LCF last year.  For her end of year collection she collaborated with fellow student Jaewon Sophie Kim to create a collection of delicate beauty enhanced with the print work of Sarah Forgie, another classmate from LCF. The pieces are created from nylon and silks and are influenced by the work of artists inspired by artists John Chamberlain and Nicolai Howalt who mostly work with sculpture made from crushed cars.

Initially, toiles were draped with paper, creating abstract and geometric shapes that merged into garments by developing suitable fabrics. The results are pieces that look very bold, but are very fragile and demand a lot of caution by the wearer.

There is nothing here that isn't standout, from the delicate, muted palette to the gorgeous hand printing. I'd love to see this collection translated into buyable pieces and can't wait to see the future career path of this talented young creative.