Fuzzy Feels




I little post today to fill in for Queen Marie. Her mum is out of hospital and is on the mend, thank heavens!

I adore a big fuzzy scarf and stole. They're not too easy to come by, especially in nice colours. So I was thrilled to come across the work of Glasgow based designer Barbra Kolasinski - a womenswear and accessories designer focusing on fake furs, Mongolian sheepskin and silks.

Barbra herself has gained her BA(Hons) at Edinburgh College of Art and then to London College of Fashion where she finished her Masters by showing at London Fashion Week 2014. After completing her education Barbra went to Alexander McQueen to gain industry experience and now has created Barbra Kolasinski the brand in 2016. The brand is made and designed in Scotland using the best luxury fabrics.

My 2016 collection while at Fashion Foundry in Scotland where I have been able to explore my love for all things fur looking at both faux fur and real fur particularly sheepskin.My interest came into using subdued pastel colours in a solid form in my chosen furs and then to contrast and react with the bright fluidity of the silk pieces manipulating and playing with colour, texture and movement. This resulted in being able to launch with a small accessories range in 2016 with the emphasis on fur.

I've been after a new stole for a while as my beloved Florence Bridge sheepskin one is awesome and very warm but it moults like a dog. Time for a new one methinks. I'm hoping Barbra introduces some vivid colours into her collection - I fancy a yellow or cobalt blue one!