e plus d = c

Reading reviews of catwalk shows is always a strange thing. Some times you totally agree on where the reviewer is coming rom. Their references are crystal clear and their descriptions as captivating as the clothes themselves.

Then other times you look at the collection, read the reviews and something that seems glaringly obvious to you is never mentioned.

Case in point the exceptional Delpozo collection and Little Edie.

edie plus delpozo = captivating

Josep Font name-checked the works of Hungarian painter József Rippl-Rónai and Swiss architect and sculptor Max Bill as inspirations for fall  but I look at the covered heads of the models and all I can think of is darling Edie.

For his 5th collection, his training as an architect is evident in the structured organic shapes. His jackets and tops took on circular, constrained volumes, with pleated, tulip-shaped sleeves. But as always, I most smitten with the florals and his sea urchin clusters of sequins...

Now go make a cup of tea and pop over and watch the show

Queen Marie