It's All In The Details





As you can imagine, we are contacted daily by tons of brands. Most aren't doing anything particularly special or unique but occasionally you get approached by a brand that wows you. One such instance is when I was contacted by Spanish accessories label Lautēm.

When I went onto the website for a look at their luxurious bags I was blown away by not only how beautifully made they are but by the meticulous attention to detail. They are elegant yes, but it's an elevated kind of elegance that only comes with great design. Elegant tends to be extremely formulaic but whilst Lautēm strives to create design that will stand the test of time, they do so without sacrificing innovation.


When I carry this bags it garners many admiring looks and glances. That's what good design does. It doesn't rely on an being an obviously well known brand to turns heads. 

All of Lautēm's production is in Ubrique, birthplace of leatherwork in Spain, where they sourced the best craftspeople to produce their bags. As a brand, they believe luxury isn't the name on the tag but rather ensuring the people who actually make the bags are compensated fairly for their work. So yes, the bags may considered expensive but for that you get a certain peace of mind. And if peace of ain't your thang, then surely beauty is.