we're not ready to wear it....


Hmmmmm so wearable technology.

It seems like we're still not ready to wear it .

For once common sense has prevailed, with the news that Snapchat HUGELY overestimated the demand for it's creepy Spectacles.

Only about 0.08 percent of Snapchat users bought the camera sunglasses, which were launched with much fanfare in September 2016, and more than 50 percent of those buyers stopped using them about a month after purchase. The company is said to be sitting out hundreds of thousands of unsold devices. Basically they can't give the things away...


At the time of they launch they boasted that glasses could record 10-second clips that could be sent via Bluetooth to smartphones. The camera has a wider lens than typical smartphones, with a 115 degree angle, and records circular video that is more akin to human vision. To which consumers have said - so what!!!

Like the very expensive Google Glass before them, the main problem with this kind of technology is that they don't actually solve any genuine problem. It's just a tricksy gadget that costs people money. You can already achieve the same thing with your phone with the added advantage that you don't creep people the hell out with privacy issues.


Even before I had watched Stranger Things at the weekend, I was feeling nostalgic for a simpler time. A time when I actually had to take photographs with a camera. I want to feel a picture not just look at it. I bought a disposable camera and then had the shots of Oor Frannie and I in Cellardyke processed in black and white...

IMG_9278 2.jpg



If you were to look at my browsing history from the last few months you would also see a slight obsession developing ( sorry I couldn't resist that) with vintage Polaroid cameras and film. It seems like I am not alone. You can even buy refurbished ones at Urban Outfitters.


Don't you want to go back to a time when things were simpler too?

Queen Marie