Loving Le Kilt

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When you're Scottish, there's a fair chance you've been made to wear a kilt at least once in your life. It's just part of being Celtic.

I remember being made to wear one when I was little and hating it. Kilts are itchy and heavy and when you're a kid you can't fathom why the hell anyone would make you wear that, let alone your parents who are supposed to love you! It was only in my punk years that I embraced the kilt, ironically thanks to the punk movement which started in England. Luckily kilts are extremely easy to find here in Scotland, just nip into any charity or vintage shop and you'll find one. However, reinventing the kilt is not so easy. That's where Le Kilt comes in.


Le Kilt was founded in 2014 by Samantha McCoach, who had the vision of "adding a dash of modernity" to her family’s kilt-making heritage. Samantha's grandmother has been a traditional kilt maker in Scotland for over 40 years and Samantha has continued the tradition and re-appropriated the style into her modern wardrobe.

Samantha mixes up the kilt by incorporating PVC and silk panels and mixed tartans, moving the kilt away from being merely associated with specific clans or families.


Le Kilt is part of showcase of new talent curated by Sarah Mower, which is currently being housed at Liberty London as part of an initiative called Sarah's List. The renowned journalist told Vogue that “the idea formed out of the depths of despair at Trump being elected and Brexit coming.” She goes on to say,  “I was really worried about the future of young designers, because if there isn’t a new generation, then there won’t be a fashion industry. I’m so interested in what’s coming next as a journalist, I can’t bear the thought of not knowing what will happen”.

There are seven designer in total who are part of Sarah's List so if you find youselr in London this month, head along and have a look for yourself.