To The Max


Serious but never severe, minimal but never simple, fragile but never weak. this is max.tan

Minimalism is one of those things that is really rather misunderstood. In fashion, it's very often confused with simple but actually good minimalism is deceptively complex. For those with a slightly less developed fashion lexicon minimalism translates to something like jeans and a blazer, when really this is just simple or basic. Real minimalism is clever. What it lacks in colour or pattern it makes up for in interesting pattern cutting or shape. It tricks us into thinking it's simple. And that trickery is the key.

Singaporean label Max.Tan experiment with quirky cuts and expand on simple ideas which they describe as "maximizing on minimalistic ideas". Each collection plays with volume, modified shapes and use oversized, undersized, deconstruction, reconstruction and transformation to create their own minimal language.

The label advocates an alternative and quiet fashion lifestyle; a free spirit who dresses to please no one but herself.  
Maximizing on minimalistic ideas, the collections evoke a serene universe nuanced with a rebellious spirit. Masculinity and femininity are crafted into each collection.


Urbanism is at the heart of every MAX.TAN collection and we see this with frequent streetwear references. Oversized lace up detailing on denim make it feel fresh and modern and black layers are thick with texture, mixed fabrics and intriguing silhouettes. This is black done as it should. Even a simple top and bottom combo is elevated with asymmetric detailing.

For SS18 they've even given tartan a new lease of life. Anything that modernises the fabric of my people gets big love from me!