on the face of it...


If anyone could ever make you rethink a septum piercing it would have to be Givenchy. Every time you see their stunning face jewellery, you just lament your own drab face. 

You look in the mirror and wish there was more going on with your head.


But if that approach is too 'jewelled' then maybe you want to be a little more avant garde and could consider something like the wonderful creations from Akiko Shinzato

 Akiko is currently a designer for VIVON in Okinawa, Japan and a tutor of Jewellery Design Course at Okinawa School of Photo Design and Craft but I first came across her work with the

Another Skin collection she made for her final show at Central Saint Martins.


This collection is about people’s obsession with their appearances.

It's a series of jewellery around the face since facial features are the most important parts to the first impression and what most people care about. It explores how simply and easily you can change your appearances with a piece of leather or crystals, and it consists of two series: Wearing makeup and Putting on someone's identity. In the crystal series “Wearing makeup,” the wearer adopts the masked features of a painted clown. In the leather series “Putting on someone’s identity,” a wearer mixes her own facial features with that of others; whereas she looks at herself reflected in mirrors at the same time. Each piece of the collection partially hides the facial features of the wearer whilst revealing a whole other identity.

Who wouldn't want to be a little rudolph with a ruby crystal on their nose?


Clown for Alexander McQueen


Bless their dainty little features, with a single crystal bead of sweat, when I am overheating I just look like a big tomato head.

But I'm really longing just to add a little more drama to my dull old face...

Queen Marie