break for blake...


You can never have too many sunglasses.


The last couple of weeks I've been looking for glasses that don't just have a great shape but that feature outstanding resin. When you look at vintage glasses I am always stuck at just how wonderful the colours and textures are. Modern glasses can seem lacklustre in comparison.

That's not something you can say about Blake Kuwahara. Holy crap these are stunning

Premium eyewear label Blake Kuwahara fuses an artful aesthetic with everyday function. With a doctorate in optometry from UC Berkeley, Kuwahara launched his eponymous label in 2014. Sculptural silhouettes are crafted from high-quality materials and finished with a nuance of colour to put a high-end spin on spectacles which are full of character and charm...

They are artful but wearable. By using laborious production techniques and a lot of handwork, an inner silhouette is encased in an unexpectedly fresh outer shape. This seamless fusion of two frames and the juxtaposition of contrasting form and color create a design tension that is thoroughly modern yet comfortably familiar.
A paradox. Like me.

Yes they are expensive but it might be worth breaking the bank for Blake!

Queen Marie