anticlastic raising...

It's good to learn new things.

Yesterday I found out about anticlastic raising.

It is the process of forging a piece of metal so that it has opposite curvature at a given point. The metal is worked in a way that stretches the outside areas of the metal and creates a concave curve, while the center section of the metal is compressed and forced into a convex curve.

It is the method used by the wonderful artist Nancy Linkin to produce the most wonderful sculptural pieces of jewellery...

Nancy Linkin is inspired by curvilinear forms found in nature and geometry – squash vines and logarithmic spirals, dried autumn leaves and parabolas. Her studio is in coastal Maine, where the water meanders into her quiet tidal cove with the same fluid grace found in her work.
To create each piece, flat patterns are cut from sheets of gold and silver and hammered systematically over wooden and plastic tools. Once a piece has been hammered into its final form, it's filed and sanded, then buffed to a high polish. This fine finish accentuates the simple sculptural lines of her jewelry.

"The essential quality of my work is harmony of form. I want my jewelry to soothe. It's elegant, casual, and comfortable – like fine silk and soft blue jeans."

Much as I love all of the bracelets, unusually for me, it is the earrings that are making my heart beat faster...

Queen Marie