I recently went to see Scottish Ballet perform Hansel & Gretel and received a beautiful gift bag containing the Nars Narcissist blush & contour palette.

I've already become a fan of Nars thanks to Scottish Ballet, so I was thrilled to unexpectedly find this in their gift bag as it was another Nars product I could try.

I'll be honest, contouring scares the bejeezus out of me. I have a thin nose and prominent cheeks bones already so I don't want to emphasise these aspects of my face further lest I look like Skeletor. However, the palette contains a beautiful selection of blushes. I use the Nars Orgasm blush from the Scottish Ballet 

Swan Lake gift bag all the time so it was nice to try some other colours.

I've been looking for a nice pinky pink for a long time and this palette has the most perfect bubblegum pink I have ever seen. It's the one I've been wearing most. It's light and gives me just enough of a flush to brighten up my pale skin.

In terms of the texture - basically, everything in this palette goes on like a dream! The powders are so finely ground that you don't end up with a load of colour on one spot which is then impossible to dispense more subtly, which is the issue I've had with many blushes I've tried in the past. 



The contour part of the palette (on the top row) contains a subtle highlighter too, which I use on my brow bone.  The contouring powders are also ideal as blushers if you want a more

sunkissed hue. Overall, this is the perfect all rounder palette for giving your skin a lift on the days you don't feel like looking so corpse-like but without making you look like a clown.