share and share alike...

Share and share alike…

How would you feel about sharing your wardrobe with your other half? As many of us adopt a more unisex look, lots of couples are happy to share items in their wardrobe.

Vivienne Westwood urged us to go even further at her unisex show last Monday during London Men's Fashion Week . Back in London after showing in Milan and Paris since 1982, the show featured men and women in suits and tulle gowns.

Credit Tom Jamieson for The New York Times

Credit Tom Jamieson for The New York Times

“Unisex may sound like a joke, but, in fact, it’s all about styling and being able to dress however you like. Swapping clothes with your partner means you can buy less, choose well and really make them last.”

The show, titled “Ecotricity,” was an explosion of color and texture, with models in flamboyant face paint, phallus-shaped necklaces, brooches, bandannas and even tiaras

“It’s all to do with altered states, and theater, and what becoming immersed in a carnival can make one become. Identities constantly shape-shift, and there can be so many sides to any one character, without necessarily ever really being yourself.”

Queen Marie