like a loon….

Oh Lordy.

Loon Pants.

When did you last see a pair?

More to the point, when did you ever look at a pair and think, hold on let me just get £380 together to snap a pair of these up.

These are the Grebo Loon Pants from Rockins.  Inspired by patched-up, vintage denim. Harking back to a time when denim was worn to death and lovingly restored, these low slung, flared jeans in a medium indigo wash are adorned with assorted patches. All Rockins jeans are crafted from heavyweight, non-stretch denim. There is not a sniff of stretch in these bad boys.

If you're not ready for that much retro in your denim, you might be happier with a pair of their high waisted numbers

Rockins aspires a strong 70s vibe inspired by British Rock n Roll culture.

While the mainline products have a deliberately rough look, quality-wise Rockins aims for authentic, solid denim and does not use any stretch for their denim. They live by the motto - "wear often, wash little".

I'll be honest, I remember denim without stretch and it was a painful, unforgiving experience. Lying on top of your bed with a coat hanger through the top of the zip trying to fasten them, as you arched your back like a circus acrobat was no fun. But hell, I'm old, lazy with a big fat arse, so you kids go ahead, have some fun and try them...

But we can't finish today, without pointing out it's a special day.

It's Prince B's birthday...

He really is a true Prince among men.

So please take a moment to raise a cup or glass or whatever you have in your hand and join me in wishing him Many Happy Returns.

Queen Marie