Oh, Jacquard


01 Mary Katrantzou, Matches Fashion / 02 Rosetta Getty, Avenue 32 / 03 Topshop / 04 Designed By Twiggy, M&S / 05 & 06 Dries Van Noten, My Theresa



I like to start the new year with an obsession. I feel slightly lost when I don't have something occupying the space in my head, as Queen Marie and I refer to it. The space in your head is that little space which you fill with things to help you escape the hum drum of day to day life. It might be filled with imagining your dream home, a wonderful holiday or, in the case of Queen Marie and I, fashion stuff. Currently my space is occupied with all things jacquard.

I've always had a week spot for jacquard and brocade but only recently have I started to dig deep into my closet to actually wear lots of both fabrics together.

The undisputed king of these glorious fabrics is

Dries Van Noten, who is leading my current jacquard mood.

It all kicked off when I decided DIY my corset belt would look glorious in brocade and as I searched for the right pattern, the hunt ignited the obsession until I arrived at the conclusion I needed some beautiful printed Dries shoes or boots from the AW16 collection to add to my jacquard collection. It's unlikely I'll ever scoop such a thing, but there are plenty of other choices, such as this beautiful Designed By Twiggy blazer from M&S, which I snaffled in the sale. 

What's filling the space in your head as we go into 2017?