DIY Corset Belt


A DIY which takes minimal effort for maximum results

As you know I'm fond of a DIY. Last week I decided to create a corset belt but with as little work as possible. It's very, very simple but the results make it look like you've spent hours creating it.



I chose felt for my belt material because it requires no stitching. You can get various weights but I've gone with a fairly heavy felt so it's nice and stiff.

You need to cut the shape of your corset. It's basically a rectangle with two curves. I want mine to sit at my waist going down towards my hips, so the small curve is roughly my waist size and the larger curve roughly my hip size.



Next you are going to mark along each edge where you want your eyelets to go. I used huge screw back handbag eyelets because they don't require a riveting or eyelet tool. Just draw around the inside of the eyelet to get the rough size.



Once you're happy with the placement of the eyelets, start cutting out the holes for them. This is a little bit tricky and you might need to start with a small hole and just make wider incrementally until it's right for the eyelet. Best to start too small than too wide.



Once you've cut all the holes, attach your eyelets to each edge of the belt.



And finally just bring each side together and chose what you'd like to lace up your corset belt with! I found an off-white skinny scarf lying around which was perfect, however wide ribbon works just as well.

It's a super simple DIY but gives really beautiful results. It takes a little bit of practice getting the curve nice and neat but everything else is really easy. I look forward to showing you this styled up soon.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY tutorial!