pass the pom pom...

So on Sunday afternoon, I finally got around to visiting Drygate.  

What a great space. They were having an urban market. Thought it would be good place to make a start on the Christmas shopping. The market was filled with lots of really interesting makers. I could have spent a fortune. 

As is always the way, when you are shopping for presents you see lots of things that you would love yourself. I only gave into one thing for me. This wonderful pom pom necklace above. I can't resist a pom pom. Never could. Never will.

It was made by the lovely Giedra below...

My name is Giedra and I create great things. Unusual/chunky/fun designs are my favourites; with some details that always catch an eye.But sometimes just a simple necklace is the one…
I love working and experimenting with different materials and making that ‘YAY’ every time something exciting is created.

My pom pom treat is made out of cotton and sits really well. It's still a little stiff but a saturday at the sub should remedy that.

Check her Facebook page for where she will be selling her treasures next or even just get in touch with her direct

Queen Marie

ps - Jessica, I've not forgotten about my asos dress, Queen Michelle is going to take some shots this coming weekend. I just need to psyche myself up for it.