all the pretty baubles...

I've been waiting months to show you the wonderful work of Kristina Klarin.

Her happy bauble creations somehow seem a little Christmassy, so I thought now would be the perfect time to share them. 

Born in Belgrade (Serbia) in 1977, she went to Milan aged 18 to become a fashion designer. She worked for some big names in fashion industry and decided to say goodbye to the system 15 years later. She made her first necklace in 2010 and since becoming a mom to little Adrian last year, she lives between Belgrade and Milan, feeling both cities are her home.

My jewlery line is primarily focused on well-balanced, sophisticated color combos. Necklaces are crafted using natural materials such as wood and cotton, and are entirely handmade

Even more wonderful is the little peek into her studio you get on her bigcartel page. It looks like something from Willy Wonka. Slightly chaotic but completely special. Even more amazing is the prices, a total scoop for something handmade and glorious...

Queen Marie