The Melancholic Genre





All the designer pieces I'm buying at the moment all seem to hail from Eastern Europe. Not only are the designers from these countries creating beautifully avante-grade designs, they seem to be doing so affordably without scrimping on quality of fabric or design. 

Diana Paukstyte is a Lithuanian born designer based in Vilnius, Lithuania and she is creating a modern avant-garde clothing for what she describes as "darker feminine aesthetics, unique melancholic genre and androgynous design".

There is virtually nothing in her entire shop I wouldn't buy. Few things reach further than 400 Euros, with dresses all hovering around the 150 Euro mark. I just absolutely want everything. Everything.


Diana shows perfectly executed clean lines, over-sized silhouettes and geometric cuts in monochrome but with a standout pop of red that is blowing my mind.

I also appreciate that her clothing is created for no specific age and would be as beautiful on a 70 year old as much as a 20 year old. 

I did mention a red piece that was basically blowing my mind. It's this breathtaking full length draped dress. Oh my!

An utter extravagance I could never buy due to living in wet Glasgow, and I suspect it'd trail on the ground for me, but I would be the happiest girl alive in this dress.


This dress is the stuff of my dreams! If there was a slightly shorter version available I would buy it in a heartbeat, but currently this would gather up all the grime from Glasgow streets.

I may never be able to buy the red dress, however there is a more sensible purchase I plan to make for winter that is every bit as glorious. Meet the perfect wool coat. The furry sleeves absolutely makes it for me.


Thank you to Diana Paukstyte for making want me to empty my entire bank balance.