Remixed & Reloaded





If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen the little peeks of my glorious new Underground England Bowie boots, but probably not as you've ever seen them before. You'll be used to seeing my plain black croc embossed boots with single creeper sole.

I've worn them so much I have actually stretched the buckle straps. They are a staple in my wardrobe and so comfy they are shoved on without me even thinking about it. However, when I was told by Underground England about their new Remixed service, where I could take any shoe and customise it, I knew this was something extra special.  Remixed offers customers a truly custom-made service. It doesn't stop there though. The brand are also offering a Reloaded service where you can select from a variety of models from their archives and have them specially made for you.

I was offered to try out the Remixed service and decided to see how I could take my humble Bowie boot and entirely re-invent it twice...


With these I decided that other than the delicious red grain leather, I'd have them with cut out backs, making them a boot/sandal hybrid. The leopard apron was a no brainer because what goes better with red than leopard ponyskin? Nothing, that's what. It's an eternally rock 'n' roll combo.


Every girl needs a good flat black boot and since my current Bowie boots are a little past their best now, I decided to overhaul them by having this version made in glorious patent leather. I mean, come on! You don't see the patent leather used that often on Underground styles and when mixed with the zebra, it's a kick ass combination and one which reminds me of my goth days and a nod to a zebra ponyskin skirt I had during that time, which I just adored.



This is their true custom made service whereby customers can select any model of shoe or boots and customise from a wide selections of uppers, colours, apron types, finishes and soles, and have that produced as a special order. At the moment it is only available as a service at the London store, where the staff have the leather swatches to hand to assist with the selection, however if you are outside of London you can do it via email, which is how I did it.


Since Underground England is in effect a heritage brand, having began in the early 80's, the Reloaded option allows customers to have styles created for them from their extensive back catalogue. Remember those steel toe capped 'bovver' boots you worn when you were a punk in the 70's? Well you can have them made again just for you. The turnaround time is about 12 weeks. UE display as many styles of those as possible on their online store.



Beyond that, you can actually combine both services by selecting a pair of shoes from the Reloaded selection but have them custom made in your own combinations.

 Head over to their website for more information on how you can Remix and Reload.

Also, for those of you confused expecting a Queen Marie post, she is actually heading off for a wee break so she will be posting on Wednesday instead.