my little pony...

Growing up I never had a rocking horse. 

I always wanted one.

I even remember making a horse from bricks in my gran's garden when they were building flats behind her home. He didn't look like much, and was the most uncomfortable thing in the world but oh how I loved that brick horse.

But as always I digress, say hello to Little Furia, a very clever little pony who is sure to rock your world.

He is the latest project from the wonderful Stockholm design studio Front and has been made in collaboration with the esteemed Gebruder Thonet Vienna.

It uses their bent wood technique and was inspired by Thonet's iconic rocking chair.

The upholstered leather saddle comes in a variety of colours. Now at £630 he's a little bit pricey but there is no doubting he would be a bit of family heirloom. And so much easier to move around than a pile of bricks…

Queen Marie