heresy or hooray...

Doc Martins!

Never worn them. Never owned a pair. Never even tried a pair on! 

They never ever held any appeal for me, this is despite friends and family swearing by them. So given how much they love their DM's I don't know wether they will welcome the news that

Dr Martens are launching DM's LIte ( ughhhh that is such a bad name, sounds like sanitary protection like to me)

 In world where everyone wears sneakers, shoe manufacturers are having to look for new ways to keep the tills ringing. Dr. Martens latest innovation DM's Lite is a new Phylon midsole that is 260 grams lighter than its welted sibling. This lightweight version has been integrated into a range of three iconic brand shoe models this fall: the Newton 8-Eye boot, the Cavendish 3-Eye shoe and the Edison Tassel loafer. A SoftWair memory foam insole promises permanent breathability and more comfort than the conventional shoe collection.

 Darren McKoy, brand category manager for men’s fashion and collaborations explained the launch saying

 “The strategy is utilizing DM's Lite as an opportunity to talk to consumers that probably never bought the brand in the past. What we wanted to do is just take a more contemporary attitude and point of view to acknowledge what’s going on in the marketplace. The challenge is to maintain the brand relevant"

Queen Marie