clap your hands, say yeah...

Sometimes when fashion really hits the spot, you just want to laugh and clap your hands with glee.

That's exactly what I did when I looked at the shots from the latest Gucci collection.

We've all being going gaga for Gucci and it's small wonder when you look at this riot of colour and texture. It is kooky and geeky and utterly charming. It's more of everything, piled upon more of everything and it's glorious.

It somehow makes everything else in the fashion world and by extension our own little wardrobes look tragic, sad, lame and utterly lacking in any magic.

“We are animals, animals are gods, beauty is God.”

Yes of course it's a little ludicrous, but who cares, any one of these items would make your heart sing and put more than a little spring in your step ( if you could summon up the courage to step out of your front door)

But even while there is a big big smile on my face there is a little question starting to form at the back of my mind, would I be as excited if I see some of these recurring themes in his next collection. I suspect not! We've all got to get off our magical unicorn once in a while to make it stay magical...

(all shots credited to dazed digital)

Queen Marie