Modern Medieval


Veronique Branquinho is hitting it. Flemish style.



Everything about Veronique Branquinho's FW 16/17 collection is appealing to my cold, gothic heart. From the sweeping full lengths we have become accustomed to seeing from the designer, down to the pitch black velvet and the Elizabethan-esque ruffs. In fact, let's dwell for a moment on those ruffs. I have featured and written about ruffs forever and seeing them so seamlessly integrated into a collection without looking too costume-y confirms even further the fact I need one in my life.


It wasn't all black and gothic, this season she even managed to include some animal print and hooded details, which could loosely be considered sportswear. There was also menswear inspired pieces in there with slouched trousers, oversized wool jackets and tuxedos.

It's really no surprise her main inspiration for the collection was the paintings of the Flemish masters. If the ruffs didn't convince you of that then just look at the models faces - all of which have been made up to have that slightly haunted,

almost ill, appearance so prevalent in characters in Flemish paintings.

My own stylistic mood is most certainly represented in spades here. Only the other day, when Prince B and I were in town, did he remark that because of the way I was dressed he would expect a small parade of goths following behind me since I am the Goth Mother! There wasn't, but I kept checking anyway.