Open Your Eyes

A.W.A.K.E. has quickly one of my absolute favourite labels. Designer Natalia Alaverdian's quirky sensibilities are abundant in her latest collection. 

Inspired by jellyfish, the collection features ripple-like frilled edges on coats, trouser cuffs and floppy visors. There's an oily black jacket and dress with ties and straps like tentacles, and clear PVC which is inspired by a fish tank! 

Open your eyes, the new A.W.A.K.E. resort 2017 collection has landed.


She doesn't end there with oblique references, some splendid metallic trousers have been inspired by aliens and star shaped applique references her favourite superheroes, which isn't Elton John apparently.

With a continually growing list of stockists, it's entirely refreshing to see that Natalia has not been in any way tempted to water down her vision. Her enthusiasm quite obviously hasn't been crushed by the inevitable number crunching that comes part and parcel of being stocked in stores.

Long may it continue because mama needs those red leather frilled trousers.