Night To Day


Night To Day Ballerina.

I usually keep ballet flats strictly for the ballet studio but Miu Miu might just change all that.



My ballerina flats are strictly for night time - in actual ballet class - and it's not often I fall head over (no)heels for ballerina inspired shoes. I find ballerina flats twee, to say the least, but add some buckles and some gingham ribbons and suddenly I'm sold. There is also a version with velvet ribbon. Uh oh.

Thanks Miu Miu for creating something that would leave my already light bank balance considerably lighter! I'm not actually sure they justify their £500 price-tag but sometimes something just hits the spot, and that is definitely the case with these beauties.

Goodbye rent money, it's been nice knowing you.

Sorry for the short and sweet post today, but it's silly o'clock and I'm getting ready to have my arm poked with lots of tiny needles and ink for the most of the day.