on the face of it...

Technology changes everything.

Things are constantly changing and moving, often in quite radical ways and more often that not without us even noticing it.

When was the last time you looked at a mannequin in a store. Not just glanced at the outfit she was wearing but at the mannequin herself. Display windows are our portal to what remains of the analogue consumer world. Today they come in countless different poses, materials, proportions, and abstractions of the human body.

French company Window produce some of the most innovative models around. Founded by Jean Marc Mesguich in 1982, they are now taking things to a whole new level with their  "Cameleon” collection.

Not only can you replace her head, her entire face can be customised as required – not only in colour and material, but with removable interchangeable eyes and lips. The result is a single figure with over 70,000 possible combinations!!!

Brave new world or just a little bit creepy?

 I'm not sure yet but I know that there are many many days when I wake up, look in the mirror and wish I could just pop on a whole new head...