scrabble dog….

How many typefaces can you name?

It had better be more than just Helvetica or Ariel if you want to stand any chance of winning a game of Typography Scrabble.

I love the idea of this so much. Perfect for the type geek in all of us.

Scrabble Typography, has been created by designer Andrew Capener and comes with letters in 12 different typefaces for your word-building pleasure. It’s actually the third edition of the idea, but the first two were really expensive because they were built from materials like walnut and maple. Yikes. This version costs around £35 and you can find it here.

Of course it goes without saying that, just like in real life, if you use Comic Sans, people will laugh at you and no one will want to be your friend.


Of course it goes without saying, when playing regular scrabble, we all need as much help as we can get. I laughed when I saw Rona's picture of Gavster being assisted by Hollie the collie...

But as it turns out, she wasn't helping at all, she was concentrating hard on the snacks on the table. She thinks if she lies very very still, no one will notice as she inches forward towards them. Never did a collie look so guilty...

But as always Hollie has the last laugh!!!

Queen Marie