all the little creatures...

I've often said on here how much I admire people who create and craft with patience.

Manchester based textile artist Liz Cooksey is one of those people.

She makes varied and complex work inspired by the detail of natural forms. She uses a range of hand and machine textile techniques to produce richly decorative embroideries.

Liz studied embroidery at university and now teaches textiles at Salford City College.

Her current work involves an eclectic mix of found and made treasures brought together in small intricate compositions. Each element carefully placed, creating relationships through colour, shape and textures. References to possible narratives come into play via natural form such as flower heads, birds and hearts. Described using crochet, tatting and hand stitch techniques and deployed on a tiny scale embedded within a frame work of wire or wood creating a formal and confined layout.

Such attention to detail on such a small scale. They may not be to everyone's taste,  but you have to admire the skill and dedication that goes into making them

You can purchase her work here

Queen Marie