hanging around...

Looking around my house the other day, it dawned me how dull and dreary all my walls are. When I moved here I just painted all the walls white. The existing wallpaper was the kind of paper that would take me a months solid steaming and a nervous breakdown to remove. In the living room there are so many pictures up there is not much wallpaper to see but it doesn't stop me buying wallpaper that I have never actually put up! 

But if money were no object I would be heading straight to Bien Fait (“well made” in French) in Paris. At £250 a roll on average, there is no way I would leave this just hanging around.

Founder Cécile Figuette, creates true artisan wallpaper specialising in making bespoke wall coverings. Made of paper and polyester, it is soft to the touch, washable and non fading.

The solo project of former Minakani Lab co-founder, her new central Paris showroom pictured above is filled with her evocative wallpaper collections recalling enchanted forests, colourful geometries and childhood memories, developed from years of experience as a textile designer. A natural storyteller Cécile and her team are directly inspired by -

 “Scandinavian and Japanese culture, travel, ethnic and folk culture and graphic design,” 

The lightning bolt has Queen Michelle written all over it...

Queen Marie