say no to ssense...

Let's start Saurday with a warning - DO NOT BUY FROM SSENSE IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK!!!

If you buy anything from them, it will cost you BIG TIME to return anything to them.

Trust me I am speaking from experience.

Just yesterday , it cost me £47.55 to return a pair of Joshua Sanders boots.

Nearly £50 down the drain. To say I am angry and upset is the understatement of the year

After Queen Michelle posted the pom pom sanders sneakers the other week, I found myself her smitten with these black bow boots below. The didn't have my size on the wonderful farfetch so without paying much attention, I ordered them from ssense. The price showed up in sterling and they offered free shipping. The boots came, looked utterly wonderful but after trying just one boot on I realised they were going to squash my toes to death.

Damm it I was going to have to send them back. A look in the box failed to tun up a returns label. Fast forward to next day and me prowling their site for returns information which of course is hidden away at the bottom of the site.  I requested a return number and asked the customer service people if they offered free returns. No. No free returns. They advised that my parcel had to be returned via Royal Mail, anything else could incur import duties and charges.

Seriously!!!!! For a pair of boots that cost £265, I had to spend £50 to return them.

When I expressed my disbelief that they were actively courting international business but had no free returns, they said they could understand " my disappointment". At the moment they are operating  a free return trial in the USA and Canada. 

Needless to say I will never buy anything from them again.

And worst of all it has dented my love of Canada as the land of good manners and good sense.

Bah humbug...

Queen Marie