Knit Wit


I'm back! I go away to visit the in-laws for a week and I come back to a full inbox with meeting requests, 'please do this as soon as your back' requests, 'please call me the second you get back' requests -  I need another holiday!

It'll take me a wee day to get back into he swing of things, so I've not had much time to research and find new things to show whilst I was away.

Therefore let's finish off with something bright and bold...


This is the graduate collection by Kingston University’s Camille Hardwick. It's a little old now, SS15, but cheery never goes out of fashion and every time I look at her collection it makes me smile. She doesn't seem to have done anything else since, so I hope the radio silence isn't because she's not longer pursuing her fashion career.

I appreciate when Knitwear designers like Camille use unusual fabrics to manipulate the knitting process. We all associate knitting with wool, rather it simply being a process. For example, in this collection Camille uses a stiff, orange plastic netting to create garments which includes a bright orange mid-length coat. The structure of the net is juxtaposed against soft, natural materials. Magenta and orange provide the base palette of the collection, which stops the origami-like shapes becoming too intense or intimidating.

So there you have it, a little cheer for a Friday. Now I'm off to reply to some unnecessarily panicked emails...