Making Waves


From Witch To Rich

If you're in Glasgow and like brightly coloured hair, you will be familiar with the #BLOW salon over in Finnieston. Experts in Manic Panic hair colour, and Europe’s only official Manic Panic Colour Asylum, these guys can make even the dullest locks glorious. 

Last week some bloggers, including myself, were invited to come along and take a look at their latest salon located in the Southside of Glasgow, which just so happens to be where I live. I popped in expecting a cuppa and a wee nosey around the salon, but when I arrived I was immediately whisked off to a seat and served cakes, sandwiches and a pot of tea! And just when I thought that was awesome, no sooner had I shoved a French Fancy in my gob when a lovely young chap came over, tongs in hand, ready to give me a 'do'!

Honestly, when it comes to my hair I'm fairly cynical that it can ever look amazing. Yes it's long, shiny and thick, but beyond that there really isn't much that can be done with it. When I dry it just goes poker straight and hangs there like a pair of curtains. I do try to give it life by putting in some waves occasionally but I can never get them looking particularly special.

However when you are in the hands of an expert like the guys at #BLOW, witchy hair can be turned into movie star hair...


Seriously, is this not the most spectacular hair wave you have ever seen? I was actually blown away when they showed me. It's not often, if ever, I leave a salon feeling like I have killer hair but #BLOW changed that. I swished about the rest of my day with waves Veronica Lake would have been proud of.

The salon itself is a fantastic little space with Timourous Beasties seating and a fully stocked bar. That's right, you get your hair done and you get served cocktails! Way to feel pampered! And if you're getting colour done, you are free to sit outside in their garden and soak up some rays while you wait. 

Downstairs they have their training academy where hairdressers can go and learn various techniques in colour. Only two years old, the salon has already won a multitude of awards and it's easy to see why. Talking to the hairdressers, it's pretty clear that not only do they know their stuff, but they are hugely passionate about what they do and making a visit to #BLOW a truly special experience.

I want to try out their Braid Bar to see if they can put my hair up in a more interesting way for my next ballet exam, rather than just a basic bun.

If you are in Glasgow, I can't recommend these guys highly enough. Even if you're not into colour, they can do wonders with a hairdryer and pair of tongs.