forged in the fire...

"I am a passage, hand forged from the fire. You can define my structure but not its intent."

Imagine a bowl that looks like it has been forged in the fires of Mount Doom. A magical elemental bowl that fills you with wonder every time you look at it. Say hello to the Poros collection from Hvnter Gvtherer


Yes this is a post about a bowl. Simple , sincere and admiring just to share this lovely lovely thing. HVNTER GVTHERER’s newest homewares collection is inspired by the concept of contained voids and anonymous spaces, titled POROS which is an ancient greek word meaning 'passage, pore.’

POROS pieces are hand forged in a meditative rhythmic state and finished with a charcoal black high heat enamel coating. A thin outer ring reveals underlying brass, bronze or copper and marks the portal boundary between reality and liminal sacred space. All imperfections are intentional, each piece is entirely unique and no two are alike.

Queen Marie