leaving a mark...

Despite the fact I am a pretty messy creature, I always make sure to use a coaster.

It always upsets me when you see precious furniture blighted by a carelessly placed cup. But the clever Jay Watson has made me look at marks on furniture in a totally different way, thanks to his "Linger a little Longer" Table and Bench.


 The “Linger A Little Longer” table plus the matching benches are made entirely of black oak and incorporate a unique thermochromic finish which responds to the heat of any plate, mug, dish – or body part – to leave an ephemeral “watermark”.  A kind of ghostly imprint of where you sat...

Reacting once contact with the lacquered surface of the six-eight seater table reaches 27 degrees, the heat can create all kinds of familiar, humorous  and fascinating patterns, that gradually fade from a pale grey back to a deep black finish at room temperature. Working beautifully with the grain of the solid, locally sourced chestnut timber, these rings, smudges, fingerprints and patterns make this table and bench pretty special.

Having said all that, I'm not entirely sure if I like it or not!

Queen Marie