put your hands up...

Put your hands in the air and hand over your money!

James Dyson wants you to give him £300 for his new Supersonic hairdryer. Yes you read that right £300.

Now usually any story about hair products or gadgets would literally have gone right over my head. I normally pay my hair next to no attention. I just wash it , dry it and then pile it up on top of my head. But doing that, coupled with being a bit stressed out with my mater and pater at the moment means that I have major split ends.  Bleugh. My hair is in shocking condition right now. In fact Queen Michelle had to cut a major chunk off the ends last week and there is more to go yet!
That's the only reason this product even registered on my radar for longer than a nanosecond. So how in heaven's name can you justify charging almost £300 for a hairdryer...

Dyson claim this is a very special dryer, born out of four years of research, 600 prototypes, the combined work of 103 engineers and £50m of research and development. No one can say they didn't take this seriously, hell they even built themselves an entire research lab dedicated to hair research and also spent £40,000 on natural hair tresses - creating a global shortage in the process. Ughhhh.

The Supersonic take Dyson’s tiny V9 brushless pump motor and places it in the handle, this then sucks in air, triples the airflow and pushes it out using Dyson’s circular air multiplier technology that you’ll find in their fans.
 Dyson claims that Supersonic is considerably kinder to your hair. It uses a tiny microprocessor to constantly monitor the heat output and the airflow to make sure that what comes out is never capable of causing long-lasting damage.
They have considered everything. As well as being very light, they also made sure that every attachment was also a heat shield so you didn’t burn your hands every time you tried to change them over. Clever.

 Talking to the BBC, James Dyson explained he believes that haircare is worth the investment. 

“We all spend 20-30 minutes every day doing our hair, so you use it an awful lot.
“Not damaging your hair, that’s worth a lot of money.”

It also has a nice long cord, a 9 ft salon-length cable and comes in a limited edition leather case designed by James Dyson himself. Would that help you part with the money?



Me neither!

Queen Marie