luck be a lady...


We could all do with some more of it. At the moment Queen Michelle and I are wishing all our luck on a new job for Prince B. Come on luck, be a lady and send him a good one soon.

I wonder if it would help if we were to wear one of these wonderful wonderful four leaf clover necklaces by Iris De La Torre from over at Howkapow.

Iris De la Torre was born in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. She is a jewellery designer with a passion for colour, graphic design and plastics. She grew up surrounded by her country’s rich and colourful culture and history. 

Being inspired by Mexico’s traditional folk crafts it was inevitable that she would want to pursue a creative career, so in 2003 she travelled to London to pursue her dream to study Jewellery Design at Sir John Cass Department of Art and Design at London Metropolitan University, followed by a Master’s degree in Jewellery Design in 2010 at Central Saint Martins. She has been living and working in London ever since.

Iris' inspiration comes from a variety of sources: the folkloric spirit of Mexico, its naive identity and vibrant combinations of colour. Another big influence is 1960s graphic design for its use of bold colour, form and geometric shapes. She is also influenced by pattern repetition, early plastic jewellery, everyday things and objects and the way they work, London, modern technology, inspirational people, beauty from nature: flora and fauna. So many great things!

When Iris makes a new design, it takes her about 2 months to finalise her sampling and colour matching, as the rubber is completely custom made for her and the metal components too. 

The Necklace is laser cut and made from the highest quality sparkly green and gold perspex and hypoallergenic silicone rubber cord. It has then been hand-assembled by Iris, meaning every piece is unique. Each time you turn the clovers on this necklace, they shift colour - from glossy green-gold to deep sparkly green. 




The wonderful range of brooches and necklaces also includes a darling rosebud, dandelion and a daisy.

Much as I love the necklaces, it is the brooches that are making my heart beat a little faster.

When it comes to real life flora and fauna, I need all the help in the world thanks to these little horrors below. My garden is filled with giant snails who are eating all my bedding plants before I can even manage to get them in the ground. This cheeky blighter even crawled up onto th top of my blue bin and chomped a whole tray of dahlias overnight.

I have put him up the very back of the garden but I am keeping a close eye on him!!!

Queen Marie