Dream Of The Dead Days


Yang Li is a designer that I have featured on here before, but his last few collections have not excited me at all. I have gotten a little bored of his aesthetic, which really doesn't change that much from season to season. A never changing look & feel is great if it's an incredibly identifiable one, see Rick Owens for example, but for me Yang Li isn't quite there yet. But having said all that, his SS16 collection did have a few elements in it that made me perk up, such as the dress above, which features the Sisters of Mercy logo on the back. I can't quite make out what the patches say on the front, but I do like the SOM reference on the reverse.

His latest collection didn't really excite me overall either, but since I'm still loving wide trousers, this look with the pink cropped jacket is appealing to me for all kinds of reasons.


Since ballet has bestowed upon me a thick waist, zero hips and rather pronounced butt, cropped is something I generally avoid at all costs, but when teamed with super wide trousers, I feel even my figure can get away with it.