Love Kills


My own stylistic deal might be very much monochromatic at the moment, that's doesn't mean I'm not researching and enjoying colourful pieces and labels, especially since colour is very much a huge part of my ballet wardrobe, in fact colour is 99% of my ballet wardrobe.

I love colour but I have released I have to be in a happy place to wear it with confidence, otherwise I just feel like a clown.

My current underlying sombre/stressed mood will eventually pass, and so goes the monochrome phase I'm in, and it will back to colour galore. Maybe. But even if it's not, that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a brand doing joyfully. In this case one such brand is Marianna Senchina.


The brand is based in Italy but I think the designer herself is either Russian or Ukranian. She clearly revels in the humour and joy a colour-rich collection can bring. She explains that her label:

is aiming for young fashionable individuals with experimental styles. The garments are mixed between feminine and unisex silhouettes. The clothes also contains experimental details, high quality hand crafting and ironically fun ideas.

Love Kills

Her latest collection, Love Kills, tells the story of a broken hearted young girl who finds her way through the heartache by dressing up. I think we can all relate to that!


There are two colliding aesthetics happening in Love Kills - a scouts uniform and a bit of Baroque - how and why Marianne chose these two very different references to express the feelings of the lovelorn girl in our narrative I'm not entirely sure, but I'm loving the velvet and sashes.

Love Kills isn't quite as bold as her 3 previous collections, shown at the top of the article, but she still retains the humour and slight irony she's clearly fond of including.