Dirty Black Summer


Summer moodboard

I have mentioned before that every summer my wardrobe gets blacker and more leathery than any other season. I think it's because I create these internal moodboards that all involve riding a motorbike on a desert road somewhere in the blistering sun, wind in my hair, free as free can be. Unfortunately I have neither a desert nor a bike, or even any blistering sun, so this all transforms itself into my wardrobe inspiration instead.

Before the internet, Queen Marie and I used to create our moodboards using scrapbooks. We'd cut out items we wanted and editorial images we found inspiring and put them into our scrapbooks, with notes scribbled next to them. Thinking back, they were actually amazing things in themselves and a great way to look back at what you were into at any given time. Now we have Pinterest and blogging of course. My current moodboard I have entitled Dirty Black Summer.

There are, of course, wishlists involved. Some items are realistic purchases whilst some are there for DIY ideas.


01: Dress, PixieMarket // 02: Necklace, Skeletos // 03: Leather Trousers, Paco Rabanne // 04: Belt, Lovestrength // 05: Bag, The Lair // 06: Top, Ann Demeulemeester // 07: Body, & Other Stories // 08: Boots, All Saints

If you had a summer moodboard what yours be called?