delightfully dull....


That's the sound I make when I come across something perfectly wearable. 

Now some of you might look at the pieces to follow and think they are delightfully dull but they are so much more than that. 

This is the SS16 collection from the very wonderful Revisited Matters who create clothes for the "every day rituals of creative women"...

Revisited is a fashion and home goods label created by fashion designer Adriana Sanz and industrial designer Joris Debo in Brooklyn, New York, in 2010.

Together they curate, revisit, create collections of minimal, effortless, unique pieces.

Currently they split their time between Antwerp, New York and Barcelona.

 On their website they say this collection is inspired by the art slow living which suits me just fine. When I buy things I want them to enjoy a long useful life.

On first glance I often look like I am wearing the same thing over and over again ( which I often do) but basically 90% of my wardrobe (coats, scarves, shoes and glasses excluded) are subtle variations on a theme. Subtle differences that only I see and feel. Basically it's quite a quiet approach to every day dressing which works for me. Needless to say I would wear almost everything shown on this post

I can't seem to find a UK stockist which is something my bank manager and I should perhaps be grateful for!

Queen Marie