pedal to the future...

So let me just say right at the start of this post, I neither completely understand or can appreciate what the hell is going on here. But it seems that real genuine wearable technology is upon us...

I have read the press kit, watched all the videos and to be totally honest I am still not much further forward. I am having flashbacks to when I tried to teach my wee gran how to work the video recorder. You just can't teach an old dog new tricks.

However if you are young pup, or a more switched on old dog than me, let me expand.

Say hello to the new intelligent Trucker jacket from Levi Strauss

Heading ( or should that be cycling) our way Spring 2017, it is the first ever smart garment with Jacquard by Google technology woven in. The jacket allows users to stay connected with easy access to directions, information on nearby places, change their music, and answer calls just by touching the sleeve of their jacket. 

This is the first piece of clothing to come out of Project Jacquard, a textile innovation that allows traditional fabric looms to put conductive yarns into everything from cotton to upholstery material. For its collaboration with Levi's, Google has applied the technology to the brand's Commuter jacket, a trucker designed with bikers in mind.

The special yarns in the jacket link up to a sensor at the wearer's left cuff. The sensor—which you can take off and charge with a USB plugin—is touch sensitive, allowing wearers to answer or reject calls, skip songs and adjust the volume on their playlists, and even access turn-by-turn directions with simple gestures like swipes and taps. When you take the sensor off, the rest of the jacket can be washed just like any other garment.

Ok so is everything clear now?

I'm still struggling to see the point. Now pass me that sony walkman I want to listen to my favourite tape...

Queen Marie