captivated by catrie...

How glorious is this image above. It made me smile just looking at it.

Sometimes I think about stopping putting henna in my hair and just let it go grey. But then I chicken out, worried I will look old, tired and weary. Then I come across an image like this and I think maybe I should just have the courage and go for it!!!

This is a promotional image for the glorious Quebec based  artist and goldsmith Catrie who works in concrete. These stunning creations would have been perfect to wear at Hinterland a few weeks ago. The addition of gold leaf makes them even more precious and desirable...

From a very young age, the origin and the meaning of life compels me to questioning. By creating, i outline reality, which confirms my existence.To create sculpts my identity from which i can no longer dissociate.

In my workshop, torn between the purity of nature and the unstable energy of the city, caught between purity and eccentricity, rawness and refinement, my creations are reflexions of these contrasts captured in sterling silver.
They are marks of my existence that symbolise instants of my bohemian and underground imaginary. A testimonial proof of my passage in this world and a desire to make art accessible for all.

I've been prowling around her site and etsy shop trying to decide which piece to buy. Next all I need is the courage to throw away the box of henna...

Queen Marie

Queen Marie