dress to protect...

Following on from Queen Michelle's lyrical medieval post yesterday, today let's take a look at the work of Jane Bowler, another designer exploring the "dress as armour" approach.

It's a very valid approach. Certain clothes do make you feel more invincible. Black does the trick for me every time. As does an opera coat or a black silk all saints dress, nothing as dramatic as these pieces sadly.

 Jane enjoys blending unusual materials, bold colours and strong geometric influences, with innovative, experimental materials. This is a demi-couture, handcrafted approach keeps each garment truly unique.

For her AW16 collection she explores the intersection of textures and their effect on the female form.  The colour palette is inspired by the oxidisation of metalics – juxtaposing traditional copper, pewter and nudes through shades of rich turquoise and jade.  These are presented with stark black pieces that give a confident contrast to this sculpted look.

Key textures are seen on signature dresses cut from PVC panelling and leather, intersected with delicate chain link details, macramé knotting and finished with an abundance of fringing throughout.

She looks like a battling 1920's flapper. An "it" girl for the thunder dome...

Queen Marie