Getting Medievel On Your Ass


As Queen Marie will tell you, I love the medieval period in history. Show me a suit of armour or a castle and my eyes light up. I went through a Joan or Arc phase in my 20's, when my hair was what could only be described as a severe bowl cut. I more than likely looked awful, since I'm not blessed with a traditionally girly face, so I probably looked much too severe, but in my head I was heavily channeling one of my historical heroines.

Only yesterday I layered up my collars in a style fitting of Elizabeth I.


My favourite Alexander McQueen collections are the ones which look they belong in the 14th century. If time travel were ever possible, I'd go back to the 13th century. I suspect it would smell real bad, but seeing the clothing of the nobility would make it entirely worth it.


Fannie Schiavoni is a designer that featured regularly on the blog back in the 2010/11 era when I was went through a heavy medieval inspired fashion phase and she gifted me the most beautifully crafted, special chain mail body piece I have ever seen.

You would assume chainmail would be something that would be vastly limiting as a material to continually re-invent, yet she manages it season after season, bringing us a new interpretation each and every time. 


This season we see her mix her signature chainmail with beautiful metal paillettes. Even as I sit here and type loaded with a stinking cold and wanting to go back under duvet, I'm thinking I'd like to do so wearing one of these pieces!  However, it does remind me to dig out my own Fannie Shiavoni piece and get that back into wardrobe circulation.