out of this world...

Several years ago Telford sent me a link to the sounds of the Planet Saturn. It was at once the most captivating but chilling thing I had ever heard. Lying listening to it in the darkness, the thought of whirling around those icy rings made my blood run slightly cold.

The sounds of the intense radio emissions were captured by the Cassini spacecraft. The radio waves, recorded by the spacecrafts radio and plasma instrument and converted into audio recordings, are closely related to the auroras near Saturns poles. These auroras are similar to Earth's northern and southern lights.

Much less spooky is thesculptural simplicity of the Saturn ring, first created in 1998 by the Danish designer Charlotte Mieko

Today it has become a modern classic for creative minds 

Besides working as a stylist and freelance writer in the fashion and lifestyle industry in Denmark and Sweden, Charlotte Mieko has spent the last few years,developing her jewellery line, launching new items every year. The look is simple, cool and classic with a twist of Rock ‘n’ Roll .

The Saturn Ring is available in two ring widths. The narrow version called Saturn Light is 4 mm narrower compared to the original, and this fall Mielko has launched her latest designs; new bracelets. The bracelets are available in three sizes. The rings are available in matt/shiny look with matte inner ring, but can also be ordered shiny/shiny. 

Holy crap, just look at those satun bracelets. I NEED one of these bad boys. I am going to actively start to plan how I can make it mine.


Gulp!!! I have finally managed to work out the cost of the bracelet and it is coming in at around £800. That's a whole other world of costly. I'm guessing I will just need to head over to etsy and see if I can find a cheaper planetary creation...

Queen Marie